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4 Benefits of Marriage That Are Worthy of Celebration

The world may think that there are no benefits if you're already living together, but God's plan for marriage was put in place so you can be better cared for. God loves you and he came up with the idea for marriage because He knows that two are better than one.

What Does the Bible Actually Teach About Sex?

Whether we were looking for it or not, we’ve been taught innumerable lessons on what sex is from a very young age. These lessons, for better or for worse, have come from screens, from our own desires and from the people around us. The problem is, as with anything else in life, unless we filter what we’ve learned about sex through God’s word then we have, at best, a lesser version of what God intended and at worst, a twisted and deeply harmful version of something that God

10 Great Ways Wives Can Serve Their Husbands (Yes, Serve!)

I may be thought of as old-fashioned, but I believe wives can serve their husbands with both joy and gratitude. But before you tune me out, or take offense at what I’m suggesting, please consider these 10 meaningful ways wives can serve their husbands (yes, serve!).

4 Indicators of Sexual Abuse within Marriage

Maybe you’ve endured mistreatment in your marriage, but you’re confused and don’t know where to turn. Perhaps you have a friend or family member who’s in trouble, but you’re not sure what signs to look for. Here are 4 signs of sexual abuse in marriage.

4 Signs That It's Time for Marriage Counseling

Finding marriage counselors who coached us and set us on a path towards Jesus and each other gave us the footing we desperately needed to survive and thrive as a couple. If you find yourself struggling in your marriage, as we were, perhaps it’s time to seek counseling.


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