25 Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day When You’re Home with the Kids

Valentine’s Day is upon us, and this year, it’s smack dab in the middle of the week on a Wednesday. This can be a little perplexing because, for most of us, it will be just another day as far as routine. Compared to when you may hire a sitter and go out on a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday.

So, how do you celebrate when you’re at home with the kids? There are plenty of different ways to celebrate as a family and as a couple.

1. Leave a Love Note

Write your spouse a love note and leave it somewhere they will see it. This could be on their nightstand, tucked in the dresser mirror, by the coffeemaker, in their lunch box, etc.

2. Have a Family Valentine’s Party

Plan a family Valentine’s Day party with kid-friendly food, dessert, and small presents for everyone. You could make chicken nuggets and macaroni and cheese, hot dogs, or order a pizza. For dessert, you could have ice cream sundaes or cake. Small presents could be a stuffed animal, a book, or a toy. Small adult gifts could be a book, a box of candy, perfume, cologne, etc.

Don’t forget to decorate, and to make it more fun, pick out some crafts that can double as decor that you and the kids can make ahead of time.

3. Draw Your Wife a Bubble Bath

Pick up that new book your wife has been wanting and draw her a bubble bath. Then give her an hour alone to relax and read while you look after the kids.

4. Give Your Husband Some Alone Time

Let your husband spend an hour doing something he loves while you look after the kids.

5. Put the Kids to Bed Early

Put the kids to bed early and have some alone time together. Buy a special dessert to share and cuddle on the couch while watching a movie.

6. Send a Treat

Bake your spouse’s favorite sweet treat and send one or two in their lunch box.

7. Send Your Spouse a Sweet Text

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Text your spouse while they are at work and let them know how much you love and appreciate them. You could also do this while they are at home to surprise them.

8. Have a Family Movie Night

Order takeout to make dinner a snap and watch one or two kid-friendly movies as a family.

9. Have Flowers Sent to Your House

Send your spouse flowers at home, but instead of the traditional Valentine’s roses, send a bouquet of her favorite flowers to make it more personable.

10. Send Special Gifts to Your Kids

Order a small bouquet for your daughters or a candy bouquet for your sons.

11. Dance the Night Away

After the kids are in bed, turn down the lights, pour a glass of wine, put on some soft music, and slow dance in your living room.

12. Spend Some Time Talking

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Sit on the couch in your pajamas and reminisce about the old days, talk about what you love about your relationship now, and make some romantic plans for the future. Things like going on that weekend getaway, shuffling the kids off to the grandparents for a romantic weekend staycation, or planning a big party or a romantic vacation for your upcoming anniversary.

13. Post on Their Social Media

Write a sweet post about your spouse and how much you love and appreciate them, then share it on their page.

14. Spend Time with the Child of the Opposite Sex

Moms, take an hour and spend some time with your sons doing something they like. Dads, do the same thing with your daughters. This could be playing video games or a game of basketball outside, watching a favorite movie, playing with Barbies, or having a tea party. You will learn more about your children and yourself and grow the bond you have with your child.

15. Leave Her a Special Gift

Buy her something new to wear that she will feel beautiful in or a bottle of massage oil and leave it somewhere in your bedroom so that she will see it as a promise of what’s coming later in the evening.

16. Cook Together

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Pick a favorite family meal and cook it together. You and your spouse can make the main dish, and if your kids are old enough, they can help make the sides, cut vegetables for salad, or make the garlic bread.

Another option would be to get up early together on Valentine’s Day and cook breakfast before you leave for work. You could also see if you could take a long lunch and choose something simple to make together on your lunch break.

17. Wake Up Early

Schedule your alarms to wake you up early so you can have some extra alone time before you have to start your day.

18. Steal Some Kisses

As you go about your normal routine at home, steal as many kisses as you can from your spouse without the kids seeing.

19. Family Board Game Night

Gather around and spend some time playing your favorite board games together with snacks. Add in some prizes for fun. Enjoy some great conversation with your kids, and have a fun, relaxing evening.

20. Make Valentine’s Cards

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Make Valentine’s cards for nearby friends and neighbors and then take a walk as a family to hand deliver them.

21. Dress Up and Have a Photo Shoot

Everyone dress up and have a DIY photo shoot. Take some shots of everyone as a family, and then take some silly shots like sticking your tongues out, making funny faces, or wrangling up all the pets to join in the picture, too.

22. Have a No-Bake Off Contest

Have your kids make a no-bake treat with supervision, and then you and your spouse can choose a winner. Make something cute in Canva for a winner’s ribbon or certificate.

23. Valentine’s Storytime

Pick out some Valentine’s or love-themed kids’ books to read before bedtime on Valentine’s Day. You could even briefly discuss with your child who they love and why.

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24. Start a Scrapbook Together Titled “Our Love Story” 

Go through your pictures on your phone and computer and pick out the ones you love and ones that have meaning. Then print them out and start a scrapbook of your love story from the first time you met to when you got married and beyond. Also, add things like concert ticket stubs, plane ticket stubs, dried flowers, etc. When your children are grown, this will be a splendid gift for you to pass down to them.

25. Create Your Own Cocktail

After the kids are down, have a drink. Choose a base liquor and then add different mix-ins until you make the perfect combination.

There are many ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day when you are home with the kids. Choose a few of these options to plan a family-friendly yet romantic day this year.

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