Phoenix Aniumal Care Coalition Crisis - Helping During the Crisis

The COVID-19 crisis affects us at all levels, including the Valley’s animal shelters. Sadly, the large animal shelters are functioning with limited operations or closed altogether. As a result, many smaller animal rescue groups are receiving increased calls from the public to assist with stray animals or pets that are being given up by their owners. What will happen when the space and money run out for these smaller local rescue groups that are now picking up the increased demand?

The Phoenix Animal Care Coalition (PACC911) brings together over one-hundred 501c3 non-profit animal rescue organizations in Arizona by uniting them and offering opportunities to work together for the greater benefit of the animals. PACC911 wants the community to know that while our rescue partners in Maricopa County are staying true to their missions and stepping up to the plate to help these animals in crisis, their hope is that our compassionate and generous public will consider supporting these smaller organizations through donations. If you would like to support PACC911 or one of its partner organizations, please go to for donations or a listing of their partner rescues.


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