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AzOSA: How Critical Race Theory is wholly antithetical to Biblical and social/historical truth

Arizona Origin Science Association Presents: Critical Race Theory attacks the concepts of truth, evidence, methods of reasoning, and proof. Origin Science rests its case upon foundations of truth, evidence, and reasoning. CRT disregards Biblical authority, while AzOSA credits Biblical authority. Knowing CRT’s premises, arguments, and conclusions is vitally important to advancing AzOSA’s mission. Critical Race Theory (CRT) supplants the Gospel and the sufficiency of Jesus and the Cross. Fundamental core tenets of CRT have evolved from Marxism; Marxism is a demonic manifestation that presents caricatures of “justice” and “equality” in the attempt to derail people from the Christian worldview. In this presentation, I will deconstruct CRT to the extent I confirm its demonic machinations, and its impact on today’s church and culture. SPEAKER 1: Richard Stevens. J. D., B.A. Computer Science BIO: Richard worked in the computer industry for 10 years, and has completed 33 years in law practice. He writes extensively to explore worldview issues and Intelligent Design. SPEAKER 2: Kevin McGary, Founder of Every Black Life Matters (EveryBLM.com) BIO: Kevin McGary works in Information Technology (IT), is a professional trainer, educator, minister/ministry leader, and the Founder of Every Black Life Matters (EveryBLM.com). Date: September 27 Time: 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm Venue: Arizona Christian University, 1 W Firestorm Way, Glendale, AZ 85306


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