Je'anelle T

Co-host with God as the main Host, "In the Arms of the Master.



Born and raised in Tucson,  AZ,  and am the third of seven children. My mother took me, and my older sister, and brother to Church when we were little,  during that time my great grandfather, also had a hand in training me up in the Holy Scriptures, Before he passed away in 2001, I remembered the times when we used to pray, and read scriptures together. My first conversion experience happened when I was sixteen years old,  where I was filled with the Holy Spirit, and attended two Spirit filled Churches. A few years after I graduated from high school,  I studied some courses at Pima Community College as a Liberal Arts Major, where I took classes in History,  American Sign Language,  piano,  and voice instruction.  I also attended Christ for the Nation's for a year and a few months, and during that time, I took classes in the Old and New Testament Survey.  In my early twenties I was afforded the opportunity  to be a guest on a Christian radio station, to play Christian music, and ever since that God-given opportunity, I had a deep desire to communicate the message of God's Word to the surrounding communities in Arizona.  Fast forward to April 03, 2019, where I was privileged to meet with some of the staff members at 1360 Faith Talk Radio, to discuss the vision of the program in more detail, to now having the awesome privilege to Co-host with God as the main Host, "In the Arms of the Master.



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