Synthia McIntosh

Synthia McIntosh

The Nuggets of Truth Broadcast is for believers and nonbelievers who desire truths from the Word of God that can change their lives.  Every broadcast shares insight into the Holy Scriptures that can be carried into the listeners work week to inspire, strengthen, enlighten, and encourage their heart.  Every Biblical truth shared is supported with the written Word and revelation from the heart of the Lord.  Listeners will be guided to a place of Christian maturity that will empower them to face daily challenges of life.  The Word is also mixed with prayer and the presence of the Holy Spirit to help reach areas of the listener's life that are hidden to the natural senses but reachable by the penetrating power of God's Word and voice.  Listening to this program could potentially revolutionize one's life and initiate a season of new beginnings.

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My name is Synthia McIntosh and I welcome you to Word Alive Ministries You Tube Channel. This Channel is called by the Lord to help draw you closer to Christ. It will empower you to step into a deeper intimate relationship with Him. . As you watch the videos, you will find spiritual food to help you develop and grow into your place in the body of Christ. The Lord will speak directly to you to show you His love for you. You will be filled with hope for every broken area of your life. The anointing of this ministry will guild you into His purpose driven life designed just for you. I encourage you to subscribe to this channel to enjoy the richness of God's voice into your life with deep revelations from His written word. Sincerely, Synthia McIntosh



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