Call To Worship

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Zion Chapel is a non denominational congregation in Holland, Michigan. Expository messages are presented with an emphasis on revival and grace. The "Call to Worship" radio broadcast, by Pastor Bernie Timmerman, has been aired for over 40 years and is heard around the world. It proclaims the good news of the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.

About Pastor Bernie Timmerman

Bernie Timmerman, pastor of Zion Chapel, has been preaching the gospel for over forty years. His combination of evangelistic and expository preaching has been heard, for over twenty five years, around the world via the weekly Call To Worship radio broadcasts. He has been a faithful and loving pastor to his beloved congregation in Holland, Michigan. It has been said that Zion Chapel's doctrine resembles that of Bunyan Baptists or Spurgeon Baptists. Our hope and prayer is that we will see revival in the church and awakening in the world.


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